Details of Higher Education

1958-1960Oranim, Teachers College Plastic Arts
1966-1972Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1969B.A. in Archaeology and Geography
1973-1978Post Graduate Studies at the Hebrew University and at the American School for ClassicalStudies, Athens, Greece (1977/8)
1981Ph.D. in Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Academic Rank and Tenure in institutions of Higher Education

1972-1974University of Haifa Teacher
1974 -1977 University of HaifaAssistant
1977 -1982 University of HaifaTutor
1982 -1988 University of HaifaLecturer
1976 -1984 "Ohel Sara" CollegeTeacher
1988 -1992 University of HaifaSenior Lecturer + tenure
1992 -1999 University of HaifaFellow Professor
1999- 2004 University of HaifaFull Professor


Offices in University Academic Administration

1973 -1982 Senior Marine Scientist Center for Maritime Studies
1982 -1987 Chairman of the Center for Maritime Studies
1986 -1987 Member of Ad Hoc committee (the Rector's nominee for Marine Studies at the University of Haifa)
1991 -1994 The Head of the Dept. for History of Maritime Civilizations (an M.A. Program).
1991 -1994 The Head of the Recanati Center for Maritime Studies.
1999-2001Co-director of an International Research Group on "Port Cities and Harbours in the Mediterranean during the Roman Era", at the Center for Advanced Studies
1998Member of a Steering committee for collaborative academic and scientific activities between the University of Haifa and Israel National Oceanographic Institute
1999Member of a Steering committee for collaborative academic and scientific activities in Maritime Studies with the Technion-the Technological Institute of Israel
2000The Head of the Department for Maritime Civilizations (M.A. & Ph.D. programs)


Scholarly offices and activities outside the University

1960 Founder member and Diving Instructor of the Undersea Exploration Society of Israel.
1970 -1973 Chairman of the CMAS archaeological commission
1974 -1982 General Secretary of the Undersea Exploration Society of Israel
1977 -1978 Associated fellow at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens
1980 Member of the Israel's Society of the Quaternarian Studies
1981 -1990 Member of the Board of the Israel Archaeological Exploration Society.
1981 -1983 Member of the Prime Minister Office, the Chief Scientist Chamber's Committee for "Coastline changes along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel"
1982 -1987 Member of INQUA project IGCP 200: International Committee for Sea Level Changes
1987 Guest member of the AIA committee for UW archaeology
1987 -1991 Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology A.B. Knapp General editor, Academic Press, Shefield, England.
1987 -1988 Visitor Scholar at the Dept. for Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University.
1988Visitor Scholar at the History Department, Maryland University, College Park.
1989- 2004 Member of the Board of "Man and Sea" Society.
1990-2004 Member of the Board of Israel Exploration Society
1991-1994Member of the Board of Israel Diving Federation
1991-1996Member of the Board of the "Friends of the National Maritime Museum in Haifa".
1992 -2004 Member of ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, UNESCO,Israeli delegate of its Underwater Committee
1992 -2004 Member of Editorial Board of Michmanim, Hecht Museum Professional Journal
1992 -2002 Member of the Board of "Caesarea Tourist Development Project".
1994 -2004 Member of New York Academy of Sciences
1995 -2004 Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
1996 -1997 Member of the Steering Committee for Marine Education in Israel, Israel Ministerium of Education
1998 -2004 Member of the board of the State of Israel Archaeological Council
1998 -2004 Member of the Dig Permits Committee of the State of Israel Archaeological Council
1999 -2004 Member of the board of scientific advisers of SKYLLIS, the scientific periodical of the German Society for Underwater Archaeology
1999 -2004 Member of the Board of Trustees of Emeq Yizra'el College


Participation in scholarly conferences

  • The Nineteenth Archaeological Convention of the Israel Exploration Society, Western Galilee and the Coast of Galilee, October 1963 "An Underwater Survey in the Harbour of Akko", with E. Linder.

  • The Second World Congress for Underwater Sciences of the C.M.A.S., Havana, Cuba, September 1970: "The Sharem a Sheikh Wreck".

  • The Third World Congress of CMAS Science Diving International, London, October, 1973: "Survival of Ancient Wrecks in varying conditions off the coast of Israel". Panel group: "The proposed Underwater Touristic Park at the site of the Mercury Wreck in the Red Sea."

  • Fourth Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem, 17 18.3.1976: "An Interdisciplinarian Survey of Tel Na'mi".

  • Sixth Archaeological Conference in Israel, Tel Aviv, 14 15/3/79 "The Iron Age Harbour Installations along the Mediterranean Coastline of Israel."

  • International Max Plank seminary on Archaeology and Earth Sciences, April June, 1979, Heidelberg "Ancient Oceanographic Knowledge Depicted in Harbours Construction."

  • Seventh Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem 28 29/5/80 "The Date of Tel Akko's Earliest Fortifications." (Hebrew).

  • Third International Congress on the History of Oceanography, Woods Hole, Mass., 22 26/9/80 "The Siting of the Ancient Harbours of the Mediterranean."

  • Academic Conference on Josephus Flavius An Historian of Eretz Israel, Haifa, 25 26/3/81 "Flavius and the Herodian Harbour of Caesarea" (Hebrew).

  • Eighth Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem, 1981 "The Herodian Harbour of Caesarea: The First Modern Harbour in History" (Hebrew).

  • First International Congress for Marine Pre History, La Jolla, California, 26 29/10/81 "Submerged Prehistoric Sites off the Israeli Coast of the Mediterranean."

  • VIth International Congress for Underwater Archaeology, Cartagena, Spain, 28/3 4/4/82 "The Ancient Harbours of Caesarea."

  • Ninth Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem, 21 22/4/82 "The Earliest Rural Settlements in Western Izdreelon Valley and Their Siting" (Hebrew).

  • The Third International Conference for Ancient Coastlines, Sochumi, Russia, 26 27/7/82 "The Potential of Archaeology for Determining Ancient Sea Levels."

  • The 11th International Congress of INQUA, Moscow, 1 6/8/82 "Archaeological Evidence for Eustatic Changes of Sea Level."

  • The First Conference of Israel Society of Byzantine Studies Jerusalem. 21/3/83 "Archaeological Evidence for Seaborne Trade in the Byzantine Period" (Hebrew).

  • International Colloquium: Maritime Connections between Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Aix en Provence, 28 29/4/83 "Commercial Jars as Evidence of Maritime Trade Between Eastern and Western Mediterranean." "Basic data on the Herodian Harbour at Caesarea."

  • Tenth Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem, 26 27/5/83 "Survey for Locating Biblical Anchorages Along the Israeli Mediterranean Coastline" (Hebrew).

  • First International Workshop on Ancient Harbours and Historic Coastlines, Caesarea, Israel, 24 28/4/83. Director "Bronze Age Harbours in Israel."

  • Israel Exploration Society, 37th Conference, Tiveon, 26 27/9/83 "The Archaeological Survey of Western Izdreelon Valley" (Hebrew).

  • The Annual Meeting of Israel Quaternarian Society, Jerusalem, 13/10/83 "Archaeological Evidence for Changes of Sea Levels" (Hebrew).

  • The Annual Meeting of the American Association of Ancient Historians, Annapolis, 4 5/5/84 "The Siting of Straton's Tower and its Harbour".

  • 11th Archaeological Conference in Israel, Jerusalem, 2 3/5/85 "The Sea Peoples at Dor."

  • International Symposium on: Social and Economic Structure of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Second Half of the II Millennium, B.C.E., Haifa, 28/4 2/5/85 "Some Archaeological Evidence for the Constructive Role of the Sea People in the Levant."

  • International Symposium on Archaeological and Geomorphological Evidences for Coastline Displacement, Aix en Provence, 5 8/9/85 "Artificially Altered River Outlets Along the Israeli Cof the Mediterranean, During the Bronze Age."

  • The 3rd International Congress for Boat Archaeology, Oporto, 2 7/10/85 "The Ships From the Sea Battle Scene at Medinet Habu A New Interpretation."

  • The Annual Conference of AAUS and the International Scientific Symposium of CMAS, La Jolla, 1 3/11/85 "The Technical Aspects of Excavating Submerged Harbours."

  • Underwater Archaeology Symposium, Fort Bovisand, 1 2/3/86 "The Discoveries Concerning Ancient Harbour Engineering at Caesarea."

  • International Conference The House of Herod, Haifa, 9 10/4/86 "Discoveries and New Findings at the Herodian Harbour at Caesarea."

  • The Annual Meeting of Israel Geological Society, Ma'alot, 4 7/5/86 "Archaeological Evidence for Ancient Sea Levels along the Northern Coast of Israel."

  • Preparation and catalogue entries of the exhibition: "Sea and Mound", Hecht Museum, Haifa, 21.1.86 27.4.87. Opening lecture: "Advanced technologies in the construction of the Herodian Harbour at Caesarea".

  • The Annual Symposium of the Faculty for Architecture and Urbanism at the Technion, Haifa 4.3.86, "The Urban Planning of Ancient Akko and the Siting of its Harbours".

  • The First International Congress: "Cities on the Sea Past and Present", Haifa, 22 29.9.86. Initiator and general secretary. Session's Chairman, Pannel Presentation: "The ancient Oceanology of Sebastos", Session's contribution: "The oceanographic understanding in Biblical Times".

  • The International Symposium on Seaborne Trade in Metals and Ingots", Oxford University, England "On some of the Arabian wrecks of Mercury Carriers from the Red Sea".

  • The International Congress "El Amarna Centennial", The Oriental Institute and ASOR, Chicago, 31.1 3.2.87:"The Canaanite Jar and International Seaborne Trade at El Amarna period."

  • 4th International Congress on the History of Oceanography, Hamburg, 23 29/9/87. The Oceanographic understanding of the ancient harbour's engineers in the Near East.

  • AIA annual meeting, New York, 27 30.12.87: "CAHEP 1987".

  • King Herod's Dream: Caesarea on the Sea, a symposium, Washington D.C. 25 28.3.88: "The Search for Strato's Tower".

  • Science in Israel, John Hopkins University Symposium Celebrating Israel's 40th Anniversary, Baltimore 6.4.88: "Ancient Harbours for Advanced Modern Technology Marine Archaeology in Israel".

  • Thracia Pontica IV, Sozopol, Bulgaria; 2 6.10.88: "when Sebastos, the Herodian Harbour of Caesarea did submerged?"

  • Symposium Roman Architecture in Palestine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 3.11.88: "Josephus and Sebastos".

  • CNRS symposium on Tell Abu Hawam, Emaus, 24.11.88: "The Ancient Sea Levels at TAH".

  • The Annual International Symposium on Under Water Archaeology, Port Bovisand, England 3 5.3.89: "New Underwater researchs in Israel."

  • INQUA and the Biologisch Archaeologisch Instituut at the University of Groningen, Nederland, on The Impact of Ancient Man on the Landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the Near East, Groningen, 6 9.3.89: "Man Instigated Changes of Coastline at Ancient Palestine".

  • King Herod's Dream Caesarea on the Sea, Symposium at the Science Museum of Boston, 18.6.89: "The Harbour Herod Built at Caesarea".

  • III symposium "Ship Construction in Antiquity", Athens, 23 28.8.89: Thera ships and the Sea People".

  • Interdisciplinary symposium : Caesarea 2000 Years in Retrospect, The Hebrew Technion Haifa, 15.2.90: "The Sophisticated Engineering of Sebastos". Organizer (with Prof. A. Barzel) and moderator.

  • Symposium The city in Palestine during the second Temple and the Talmudic periods, Yad Ben Zvi, University of Haifa, 2 3.4.90: "Caesarea which is by Sebastos".

  • Symposium The Re Urbanism of Palestine during the MBIIa Period, Hecht Museum, University of Haifa, 5.4.90: "The 'Sea Gate' at Akko and the Fortifications of MBIIa."

  • The International Aegean Symposium of the University of Liege, Thalassa The Aegean in Prehistory, Calvi, Corsica, 23 26.4.90," "Canaanite and Minoan Harbour".

  • The Second International Congress on Biblical Archaeology The Israel Academy of Sciences, The Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem 24.6 4.7.90 - Coordinator and Moderator of the Symposium The 2000th Anniversary of King Herod's City: Caesarea Maritima, 28.6.90 - Lecture: "The 'Sea Peoples' Port at Dor", 27.6.90.

  • The 43rd Archaeological Convention of the Israel Exploration Society, 8 9.10.1990: "The Ancient Harbours of Caesarea". Organisor and Chief Guide of Field Tours to Caesarea and Athlit.

  • Annual Meeting of ASOR, New Orleans 16 21.11.90: "Caesarea under the water 1990"; Organizer of a symposium on "The 2000 anniversary of Caesarea Maritama"; on a workshop on "Scientific methods in studying Caesarea".

  • The Annual Meeting of Israel Geographic Society, Jerusalem, Truman Institute, 16 18.12.90: "New Data for changing land sea relations in the Holocene: Akko and Ashkelon".

  • The Meeting of the Archaeologists Union of Israel, Haifa, 20.12.90: "Studying the engineering of ancient harbours, the Caesarea case".

  • The Annual Meeting of Israel Geological Society, Akko, 22 25.4.1991: Planning and Guiding one day Field Trip: "Evidence for Vertical Changes in Land Sea Relations from Archaeological Sites.

  • Special International Symposium, The Potential Impact of Climate Changes and their Prediction, Israel Academy of Sciences, Weitzman Institute, Rehovot, 28.4 2.5.91: "Geoarchaeological data for establishing Holocenian Sea Levels", with Y. Nir.

  • Third Annual Symposium on the Mediterranean Continental Margin of Israel, Haifa, 23.5.91: "Archaeologically Caliberated Evidence for Neo Tectonism along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel: Some New Data.

  • The Man and the Sea 30 Years of Underwater Researches in Israel Conference, Hecht Museum and the Center for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa, 19 20.6.1991. Organizer (with O. Rimon), Moderator and Lecture: "The Phoenician Harbour at Athlit".

  • IVth Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity, Athens, 28 31.8.1991: "The Long Planks Predynastic Boats on the Nile".

  • Thracia Pontica, V, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 7 12.10.1991: "The Technical aspects of excavating the Ancient Harbours of Caesarea".

  • ICOMOS International Conference. AKKO: The Preservation of a Medieval Living City, 8 12.12.91. Invited lector: "The ports of Akko from the earliest to the Byzantine period".

  • The Annual Conference of the American Society for Historical and Underwater Archaeology, Kingston, Jamaica, 8 12.1.92: "New data and Recent Studies at Sebastos, vers. Vitruvius and Josephus Texts."

  • The 24th Israel Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Technion city, Haifa, 18 19.5.1992: Panel presentation: "Vitruvius and the Coastal Engineering of Sebastos".

  • Conference: "Dor Mistress of the Seas", The Hebrew University and Dor's "Glasshouse Museum", 21.5.92: "The Ancient Maritime Installations at Dor".

  • International Conference, "Evidence for Climatic Changes in the Holocene", Sdeh Boqer, 8 9.6.92: "Archaeologically caliberated sealevel changed during the Holocene."

  • The VIIth International Conference on Underwater Archaeology, Giordini Naxoss, Sicily, 16 18.10.92: "New Data on Sophisticated Harbour building Technologies from the Ancient Harbour of Caesarea".

  • International Symposium: "Wreckage Courses in the Indian Ocean". Sydney Australia, 15.11.92: "Mercury Carrier Wrecks of the Mamlouke Period in the Red Sea".

  • The 11th Annual Conference of the National Institute for Maritime Archaeology. Sydney, Australia, 12 17.11.92: "The Ancient Harbours of Caesarea: Underwater Tourist Park."

  • The First International Symposium of ICOMOS. Sydney, Australia, 18 21.11.92: "Conserving and Presenting Underwater Heritage for the Public."

  • The Annual Meeting of ASOR (American School of Oriental Research).San Francisco, 20 23.11.92: "The Post Herodian Harbours of Caesarea Maritima."

  • Scholar's Symposium: Urbanism in Palestine in the Byzantine Era. Hecht Museum, Haifa, 25.2.93: "Byzantine Caesarea Different City at Changing Coastline."

  • The 19th Archaeological Congress of Israel, Jerusalem, 25 26.3.93: "The 1992 Excavations at Caesarea and her Ancient Harbours."

  • The 5th Symposium on the Mediterranean Continental Shelf of Israel. Haifa, 4.5.93: "New Data for Recent Changes in Land/Sea Relations frothe Israeli Coastline.

  • International Symposium "Revaluation of the Past" Presenting Archaeological Sites to the Public. Haifa and Jerusalem, "The Underwater Tourist Park at Caesarea".

  • Vth International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity. Nauplion, Greece, 26 29.8.93: "The Earliest Composite Anchors and Naval Warfare."

  • International Symposium: "Cyprus and the Sea". Nicosia, 24 26.9.93. "Ancient Harbours of Cyprus and the Levant."

  • Scholars Symposium: "The Phoenicians at the North Coast of Israel". Hecht Museum, Haifa, 4.11.93: "Phoenician Harbours at the Levantine Coast of the Mediterranean."

  • The Annual Meeting of ASOR (the American School for Oriental Research). Washington, D.C., 20 23.11.93: "The History of the Inner Harbour of Caesarea."

  • Scholars Seminar "Recent Archaeological Researches". the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 15.2.94: "The Interdisciplinarian Approach in Studying the Ancient Harbours of Caesarea."

  • Interinstitutional Workshop on "Sediments in Archaeology" . London College, 17.2.94: "The Sedimentary Sequence at the Inner Harbour of Caesarea."

  • The 20ies Archaeological Congress of Israel. Jerusalem, 23 24.3.94: "The City and its Harbour at the Israeli Coast during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods."

  • The Continental Margins of Israel Annual Symposium. Haifa, 26.4.94, chairman of a session.

  • Thracia Pontica VI, Soropol, Bulgaria, 18 24.9.94. Session chairman and: "Latest Discoveries from Under the Water at Caesarea Maritima."

  • International Congress "Res Maritimae", Nicosia, Cyprus, 18 23.10.94: Chairman of a session and: "Royal and Municipal Harbours in the Levant during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods."

  • The Annual Meeting of ASOR (the American School for Oriental Research). Chicago, 19 22.11.94: "Byzantine Caesarea Altered by Changing Coastline."

  • The Crown Prince of Japan Award Ceremony. UNESCO Palace, Paris, 12.12.94: "Scuba Diving as a Tool in Marine Archaeological Research."

  • International Symposium "Caesarea in Retrospect 2000 Years Later". Caesarea, 4 11.1.95. Organizer, Chairman and: "Caesarea's Inner Harbour Basin Evidence for its Demise."

  • International Symposium "Mediterranean People in Transition: 13th to Early 10th Centuries B.C.E.". Jerusalem, 3 7.4.95: "Near Eastern Harbour 13th 10th centuries B.C.E."

  • International Conference "Akko of the Crusaders". Akko, 9 11.4.95: "Marine Archaeological Research at the Crusader Harbour of Akko."

  • The 7th International Congress of IMAM (International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik Croatia, 23 27.4.95: "Environmental Friendly Harbours of the Ancient Times."

  • International Workshop "Anzio and the Sea". Anzio, Italy, 27.4. 1.5.95: "Harbour Building Technology of the Ancient Harbours of Antium and Caesarea."

  • The 21st Archaeological Congress of Israel. Jerusalem, 18 19.5.95: "Ship Building Technology in the Construction of the Moles of Sebastos."

  • The Annual Conference of the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Technologies. Ustica, Italy, 20 24.7.95: "Underwater Imaging of Archaeological Research."

  • IV International Congress on Phoenician and Punic Studies.Cadiz, Spain, 2 6.10.95: "Conceptual Technology of Phoenician Harbours in the Levant."

  • The Annual Meeting of ASOR. Philadelphia, 20 23.11.96: "Single Mission Barges as a Constructive Component at Sebastos".

  • Trade and Interconnections in the Ancient Near East. Symposium in Honor of Prof. M. Heltzer, University of Haifa, 18.1.96: "The Phoenician Commercial Jars".

  • International Conference, The Mediterranean Cultural Heritage, Montpellier, France, 11 14.4.96: "The Herodian Harbour of Caesarea An Environmental Friendly Port 2000 years ago".

  • VIth International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity, Lamia, Greece, 27 31.8.96: "The Enigma of the Angular Sailing Ships of the Red Sea Since the 4th Millennium BCE".

  • Annual Meeting of ASOR (American School of Oriental Research), New Orleans, 21 24.11.96. Presiding session, discussant and paper: "Archaeological data for the commercial connections of Caesarea during the Transitional Period, 7th century AD."

  • International Seminary Concepts and Roles of Marine Archaeology National Academy of Sciences, Siena, 9 15.12.96, Italy. Invited seminary: "Studying Ancient Harbours the Case of Caesarea Maritima".

  • Professional Workshop: "The Israeli Coastline Toward the 21st Century". Tel Aviv. 18.6.97. Invited lecture: "Archaeological Heritage Underwater To Preserve and Utilize".

  • International Congress of Maritime Museums, Freemantle, Australia. 2 6.9.97: "The Underwater and Coastal Archaeological Park at Caesarea".

  • ICOMOS, International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage Perth, Australia. 6 7.9.97: "Maritime Archaeology in Israel".

  • The 17th International Maritime Archaeological Conference of AIMA. Freemantle, Australia. 6 12.9.97. Invited Lecture: "Non destructive Study of Ancient Wrecks in Hard Coral Reefs".

  • 8th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology Gdansk, Poland. 23 27.9.97. "Riverine Coasters in the Ancient Near East".

  • The Annual Meeting of ASOR (American School of Oriental Research). Napa, California, 18-21.11.97: Presiding Session, discussant and paper: "Recent Discoveries at Caesarea's Harbours".

  • "West and East" - An International Colloquium, University of Haifa, 10-12.12.97: "The Collared-Rim Pithoi and the Mercenaries".

  • Annual Meeting of Israel Geological Society, Mitspe Ramon, 22-24.3.98: "Sedimentological Evidence for Historical Changes in Land/Sea Relations in Caesarea".

  • Research Workshop of Israel Science Foundation and the University of Haifa: "Recycling, Hoarding and Trade in Bronze in the 13th - 11th Centuries BCE", Haifa 26-28.4.98. Chairperson of a session and commentator.

  • . Scientific Symposium: The Continental Margins of the Mediterranean Coast of Israel, National Institute of Oceanography, Haifa 18.6.98. "Open and Backwater in the Intermediate Harbour Basin of Caesarea Maritima - Israel".

  • . The Annual Meeting of ASOR (The American School of Oriental Research). Orlando, Florida, 18-21.11.98: Pottery Analysis and Interpretation Seminar: "A Reassessment of the Iron Age I Collared-rim Pithoi".

  • . ibid, Caesarea Workshop, Chairperson of Session and Commentator; paper: "The Sea-borne Trade of Caesarea: Evidence of Imported Amphorae".

  • . Mediterranean Civilizations Project, Symposium - The Mediterranean as a "Regio". Haifa 1.12.98: "The Historical and Archaeological Aspects".

  • . Sociedad multiculturales, coloquio-El modelo espa?ol. Haifa, 2-3.2.1999: "Phoenicians and Romans in Andalusia".

  • Conservation of the Marine Environment-Symposium. Michmoreth, 2.2.1999: "The Port Cities of Israel through History (Hebrew).

  • Conservation and Presentation of Ancient Ship-hulls - The Ma'agen Michael Wreck. International Workshop, Haifa, 21-24.3.1999: Chairing a Session and Responder.

  • "Knife in the Water", Symposium on Metals and Wood in Anoxic and Anaerobic Conditions. Haifa, 30.3.1999: "The Metallic remains in Organic context underwater.

  • Mediterranean Civilizations, 2nd Symposium - "Mare Nostrum". Haifa, 4-5.5.1999: "The Mediterranean as a Long-Range Bridge, from the Stone Age to the Phoenicians".

  • "The Richness of Islamic Caesarea". Symposium, Haifa, 10.6.1999: Initiator, organizer and chair of the plenary session.

  • The 7th International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity, Pylos, Greece, 25-30.8.99. Three papers:

    a. "Three-holes composite anchors of the Middle Ages from Caesarea Maritima, Israel, and from other sites".

    b. "Tacking the wind with Bronze Age square rig: Experimental sailing with lower yard - Minoan style".

    c. "Maritime Archaeology in Israel today (invited!).

  • STELLIS - University of Ankara and the University of Haifa bi-institutional symposium, Antalia, Turkey, 10-13.10.99: "Archaeological evidence for Early sea borne connections in the Mediterranean".

  • The 26th Archaeological Congress of Israel, Jerusalem, 16-17.4.00: "The Collared-rim pithoi - a ceramic evidence for centralized administration in the Early Iron Age."

  • International Conference - The Mediterranean: Culture, Society and Environment, Haifa, 22-25.5.00, chairing session; guiding a professional tour and presenting a paper: "Man-made Installations as Indicators for Altered Land/Sea Relations".

  • The Annual Meeting of Israel Exploration Society, Akko-Haifa, 2-4.10.00. Invited lecture: "The Harbours of Palestine during the Crusader's Period."

  • The Annual Meeting of the Israeli Society for Maritime Law, Haifa, 5.10.00. Invited lecture: "Sebastos - the Herodian harbour of Caesarea: The First Modern Harbour".

  • The Annual Conference of ASOR, Nashville, 15-18.11.00: "Circumstantial evidence for Tel Akko's coastline in the Bronze Age".

  • The 9th International Symposium of ISBSA, Venice 3-9.12.00: "Ancient Shipsheds, shipyards and slipways in the Levant."

  • The 102nd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego, 3-6 January, 2001 Invited panel presentation: "The Underwater Excavation at Sebastos".

  • The 3rd International Congress of the British Society for Roman Archaeology, Glasgow, Scotland, 26-31.3.2001. Invited presentation for a special panel session: "Caesarea and Sebastos - the interrelations between the city and the harbour".

  • The Annual Conference of ASOR, Boulder, Colorado, 14-18.11.01. Presiding a session and workshop. Lecture: "Were there nausoikoi in Caesarea? "

  • The 28th Archaeological Congress of Israel, Haifa, 24-25.3.02. Presiding a session and a lecture: "From afar and at Great Costs - Imported Building Materials for the Constructions of Sebastos."

  • The First International Congress - "Mediterranean Basin, Iberian World", Valdepe?as, Spain, 3-6 .04.02. Invited lecture: "Phoenicians and Romans in Spain".

  • The Annual Meeting of the Turkish Society for Underwater Researchs, SAD, Ankara, 27-29.4.02. Invited Panel Presentation: "The State of Underwater Archaeology in the Mediterranean".

  • The Irena Levi-Sala Annual Research Seminar, Ben-Gurion University. Be'er Sheva, 23.5.02. Invited presentation: "The significance of the Maritime scene at the Miniature Fresco from Akrotiri-Thera".

  • The 8th International Symposium on ship construction in Antiquity, Hydra, Greece, 26-31.8.02. Lecture: "Phoenician boat models from the sea - an evidence for Maritime Cult? "

  • The Annual Conference of ASOR, Toronto, Canada, 20-24.11.02. Presiding a session, and a lecture: "The Imported Building Materials for the Herodian Harbour at Caesarea Maritime".

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    Courses taught

  • Introduction for Marine Archaeology every year L Basics.
  • Method and Techniques of Coastal Research every year Class and Workshops Advanced 1
  • The Development and Typology of Ship Construction in the Ancient Near East every other year Class Basic 2.
  • The Harbours of the Biblical World every other year Class Basic 2.
  • The Harbours of the Classical World every other year Class Basic 2.
  • Archaeological Evidence for Ancient Sea level Changes every other year Pros. for M.A., Sem. for advanced B.A.
  • Marine Archaeology in Israel - History of Research - Pros. For M.A., Sem. For advanced B.A.
  • The Typology of Commercial Jars and Amforas every other year Pros. for M.A., Sem. for advanced B.A.
  • Levantine Harbours in the Bronze Age M.A. Seminar.
  • Levantine Harbours in the Iron Age M.A. Seminar.
  • The Coasts of South Turkey and the Aegaen, Dept. Seminar.
  • The Harbours of Caesarea Maritima M.A. Seminar.
  • The Ancient Harbours of the Mediterannean - M.A. Seminar.

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    Supervision of Graduate Studies (M.A. Thesis)

    Eva Grossman The Urban Disposition of Akko during the Persian Period, June 1985 with M. Dothan
    Ellik Adler The Submerged Kurkar Ridges off the Northern Carmel Coast, May 1985 with A. Golik and M. Inbar

    Bath Sheva Ben Zeev

    The Crusader Harbours of Northern Palestine, July 1985, with A. Grabois.
    Izkhaq GalantiThe Morphogenesis of the Qishon Lower Rivercourses during the Holocene, January 1990, with M. Inbar.
    Michael A. Fitzgerald The Roman Wreck of a Merchantman from Caesarea Maritima, May 1989 (for Texas A & M University).
    Rahel Gai The Geomorphology of the Coastal Zone Between Rosh Haniqra and Naharia, August 1991, with Y. Mart.
    Ya'acov Kahanov Metal Sheathing of Ancient Ships, April 1993, with E. Linder
    Varda Shpier Tanks and Piscinae in the Roman World, June 1993, with D. Poper
    Hani Ephroni Monumental Urban Sculptoring of the Coastal Cities of Roman Palestine and in Provincia Arabia, December 1993, with A. Segal.
    Lothat Groza Historical and Geomorphological Evidence for Changes of the Nile's Delta 6000 BCE 700 AD, February 1994, with Y. Mart.
    Ronit ShemerThe Paleotopography and Geomorphology of the Southern Part of Haifa Bay in the Quarter, October 1995, with V. Rohrlich.
    Yael Arnon Evidence for Seaborne Trade in Caesarea during the Abbasid Period, December 1996, with A. Tsatskin
    Ron Tueg The History of the Inner Harbour of Caesarea, April 1996
    Oz GoffmanMan and Dolphins Past and Present, November 1997, with E. Spanier
    Ilana PeterzmanEvidence for Neo tectonism along the offshore of Caesarea's Area, with Y. Mart.
    Oren Sonin Fishing in the Mediterranean Coastal Waters of Israel - Ancient Times and Today. December 1997, with E. Spanier.
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