Tel Dor
Panoramic view of the North bay. Photo by E. Arkin-Shalev
Roman Shipwreck
In Caesarea's northern bay. Photo by A. Yurman
Tel Kabri
Aerial view of the 2017 excavation area
Sediment Trap
The Red Sea. Photo by A. Yurman
Newe Yam
Underwater Survey. Photo by E. Arkin-Shalev
Tel Achziv
Underwater excavation. Photo by E. Nisenbaum
Dor Wreck
Underwater survey. Photo by E. Arkin-Shalev


The Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies (RIMS) was established in 1975 to provide the logistical support required for maritime research. The institute is based at the Research Authority of the University of Haifa. It supports terrestrial, coastal, and underwater research projects conducted primarily by the senior researchers of the Department of Maritime Civilizations, as well as by the research students of the department, and multiple associate researchers affiliated directly to it. The institute is unique in Israel and among the world leaders in underwater archaeology. Since its foundation, it has pioneered leading edge research, and established a universal reputation for the quality and innovation of its work.