The Laboratory for Mediterranean Archaeozoology (MAR)

The Laboratory for Mediterranean Archaeozoology (MAR) at the University of Haifa, headed by Dr. Nimrod Marom, uses traditional archaeozoological methods (taxonomy, taphonomy, and biometry), archaeology, and anthropology to study animal/human/environment interactions in the Mediterranean, its coastal settings, and its boundary zones with the desert belt. The team is involved in two major projects, DEADSEA_ECO and Zooarchaeology of Southern Phoenicia, which are about trophic cascades and Phoenician engagement with animal movement, respectively. We are affiliated with the Charney School of Marine Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities at the Department of Maritime Civilizations. We share laboratory space and the osteological collection with the Laboratory of Archaeozoology headed by Prof. Guy Bar-Oz of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Haifa.