The Yaacov (Yak) Kahanov Laboratory for Ancient Ship Research

The laboratory, headed by Prof. Deborah Cvikel, focuses on ship construction, seamanship and ship handling, and maritime history, based on underwater excavations and research of shipwrecks. The team is also engaged in conservation of waterlogged wood and organic material from the sea, and archaeometallurgical study of metal finds retrieved from shipwrecks and wreck-sites.

Dr. Cvikel is the active director of the replica project ‒building and sailing a replica of the 5th century BCE Ma‘agan Mikhael ship.

Underwater excavation of the Akko Tower shipwreck. Photo by A. Yurman
Documenting the bow of the Dor C shipwreck. Photo by J. Williams
Underwater excavation of the Maʻagan Mikhael B shipwreck. Photo by A. Yurman