Research Associates

Dr. Eran Arie

Archaeology; Iron Age Pottery

Dr. Ofra Barkai


Dr. Dor Edelist

Marine Macro Ecology 

Dr. Meir Edrey

Phoenician Studies; Archaeology; Ancient Religion and Cult; Mediterranean Cultures and History


Dr. Joseph Eliav

Mediterranean Maritime History and Ships; Early-Modern Galleys (Engineering, Economical, Operational, Military, Political, Cultural and Social Aspects)

Dr. Shira Freeman

Dr. Matthieu Giaime

Geomorphology and chronostratigraphy of ancient harbors in deltaic environments; Morphosedimentary of coastal areas; Sea-level changes; Chronostratigraphic signature of Holocene risks and hazards

Dr. Oz Gofman

Marine Biology and Animal Behavior

Dr. Shira Gur-Arie


Dr. Tal Kan-Cipor – Meron

Archaeology; Archaeometallurgy; Metal artifacts; Social and Economic Aspects of the Middle Bronze Age; Maritime and Land Trade Routes; Metal Sources; Documentation and Research of Traditional and Ancient Technologies and Industries.

Dr. Dan Kerem

Marine Mammals; Marine Biology and Ecology in the Mediterranean and Red Sea; Comparative Diving Physiology

Dr. Zafrir Kuplik

Scyphozoans; Marine ecology

Dr. Ezra S. Marcus

Bronze Age Coastal Archaeology; Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Trade; the Middle Bronze Age; Middle Bronze Age Egyptian-Levantine relations; Ceramics; C14

Prof. Christophe Morhange

Harbor Geoarchaeology in the Mediterranean and the Black sea; RSL Bio-indicators; Sedimentology; Geomorphology

Dr. Alexandra Ratzlaff

Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology; Maritime Archaeology; Trade in Late Antiquity; Ceramics of the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Periods; Digital Humanities; Archaeological Ethics and Theory; Roman Army.

Dr. Mia Roditi-Elasar

Marine Sciences; Marine Ecology; Marine Mammals

Dr. Joel Roskin

Aeolian-Fluvial Interactions; Inland/Coastal Dunefield Evolution; Pleistocene-Holocene Transition; Holocene Dust Deposition; Landscape Evolution; Ancient Agriculture Agroecosystems; Anthrosols; Portable Luminescence (POSL) Profiling; Geoarchaeology; Military Geosciences; Underground Warfare

Dr. Yael Rotem

The archaeology of the Bronze Age Southern Levant; Archaeology of the Jordan Valley; Early Bronze Age society and economy; Ceramic Industries of the Early Bronze Age

Dr. Omer Sergai

The Archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Age southern Levant; Biblical History

Dr. Matthew Susnow

Middle and Late Bronze Age Archaeology; Canaanite Religion and Cult

Dr. Yigal Sitry

Ancient woodworking

Dr. Noam Van der Hal

Marine biology, Microplastic