Dr. Meir Edrey

Meir was recently appointed as the Professional Director of the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies. He is also a Research Associate of the institute, as well as an Adjunct Lecturer and Post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Maritime Civilizations. 

Meir’s research is focused on the Phoenician Culture during the first millennium BCE in the Orient and the Occident, dealing specifically with issues related to Phoenician terrestrial and maritime religion and cultic practices.

In the past years, he has studied different aspects of the material culture of Tel Kabri, Tel Achziv, and he is currently publishing the underwater site of Shavei Zion together with Prof. A. Erlich and Prof. A. Yasur-Landau. 


E-mail: edrey.meir@gmail.com

Figurine assemblage from Shavei Zion. Photo by M. Edrey
Removing marine concretion. Photo by T. Weiss
Figurine post treatment. Photo by T. Weiss