Maritime Workshop

The Maritime Workshop, headed by Amir Yurman, is offers optimal settings for conducting above-and-underwater research. Its activities include: 

  • Underwater Archaeological Excavations 
  • Underwater Archaeological surveys
  • Geological and Ecological surveys
  • Educational Cruises
  • Underwater photography
  • Possession of equipment for excavation
  • Marine diving officers responsible for safety at maritime archaeological excavation
  • Mediating between the needs of conservation, research and diving safety
  • Applied Archaeological Excavations
  • Teaching of marine research works
  • Learning, absorbing and operating modern technical equipment
The Maritime Workshop
In the Naval Officers School, Akko. Photo by M. Edrey
Oxygen-Nitrox compressor
Photo by M. Edrey
Scubadiving Equipment
Photo by M. Edrey
Boats in storage
Photo by M. Edrey
Diving Gear Repair Workshop
Photo by M. Edrey
Underwater Photography Lab
Photo by M. Edrey