Dr. Yoel Roskin

I serve as the geomorphologist/geologist of the Analytical Laboratory of the Israel Antiquities Authority. My work involves geoarchaeological and relative and absolute geochronological analysis of rescue excavations and the development of some of the finds into academic-oriented research.

I head the Laboratory for Geomorphology and Portable Luminescence at the The Recanati Institute. The laboratory includes a portable pulsed-photon optically stimulated luminescence reader (PPSL/POSL), sediment preparation tools, RTK-GPS, Total Station, portable laser distance reader and a Dormer Drillmite hand sand-augers. The POSL serves for in- and out-house studies.

I am a PI with Prof. L. Yu (Linyi U.) on a 4-yr ISF-NSFC supported project on aeolian-fluvial interactions in the northwestern Negev and Qaidam basin, China. The Negev research on late Pleistocene dune-damming research is led my doctorate candidate Mr. Lotem Robins who I am supervising with fluvial geomorphologist, Prof. Noam Greenbaum (U. of Haifa).

Along with Dr Itamar Taxel (IAA) I am leading an ISF and Gerda Henkel supported research on the Establishment, Function, Sustainability and Decline of Innovative Early Islamic Plot-and-Berm Agroecosystems in the Sand Sheets of the Israeli Mediterranean Coast.

I am also a regional PI of a DFG-supported German-Israeli-Jordanian geoarchaeological team led by Prof. Bernhard Lucke (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) studying Holocene dust deposition in context with archaeological sites. When time allows, I study the relative role of terrain and the underground on past and current military activities in the Middle East.

E-mail: yoelr@post.bgu.ac.il 

E-mail: joelr@israntique.org.il