Dr. Matthew Susnow

Dr. Matthew Susnow received his Ph.D. from the Department of Maritime Civilizations at the University of Haifa. His research deals with Bronze Age archaeology of the southern Levant, religion in the Middle and Late Bronze Age, functional analysis of Canaanite temples, Iron Age religion, ceramic and bone analysis, text (Akkadian, Ugaritic, Biblical Hebrew, Attic Greek), ritual theory and palatial economies. In addition to his work as a postdoc at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the cultic finds from Tel Abel Beth Maacah, Matt has conducted research through the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa, focusing on impurity, sin and morality in ancient Near Eastern sources. Currently, Matt is in charge of publishing the pottery from Tel Kabri, focusing on the storage rooms and surrounding area exposed during the 2013–2019 excavation seasons.